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Puertorican Holiday Dinner:
  • Rice with Pegeon Peas

  • roasted Pork

  • Potatoes Salad

  • Puetorican Pasteles

Mofongo with Shrimp:
  • Mofongo is a fried plantain then mashed with salt, garlic and oil in a wooden pilón


Awesome!!! I'm very picky about alcapurrias .... Even when on the island I can never buy one that tasted as good as the ones my papi makes! El Jibarito comes in a close second to my dads alcapurrias!!! I got me some Malta and some amarillos ... I'm going to find them tomorrow and go for a sandwich!!! WEPA!!!

REady with all the companions:
  • Rice

  • Mofongo

  • Yuca con ajo

  • puertorican Pasteles


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I had the signature jibarito it was the bomb... also had el jugo de parcha it's been a while but that also hit the spot... I'm a repeat customer for sure... got to represent and give love to my island people... me being from Canovanas island food is always a treat here in Minnesota...

Famous Puertorican Roasted Pork:
  • Tender inside, crunchy outside

  • Well Seasoned  

  • Ready in just 4 hours