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 El Jibarito Sandwich

  • Is flattened fried green plantain instead of bread, comes with thing layers of steak, fried onion, cheese, tomatoes,  and the house sauce "Mayo-ketchup"

Tripleta Sandwich:

  • This is a triple meat sandwich - roasted pork, ham and pastrami, cheese, cabbage, tomatoes, house sauce "Mayo-Ketchup" and potatoes sticks

Sweet Burger:

  • Homemade patty filled with sweet plantain, top with fried onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, house sauce "Mayo-Ketchup"

Bistec con Tostones:

  • Serving of thin layers of steak with fried onions, comes with a serving of Tostones


Our Famous Fritters

 Rellenos de Papa

  • Potatoes Ball stuffed with pork meat


  • These fritters are made with a batter of taro and green bananas, squash and are stuffed with pork meat.

Sorullos de Maiz

  • Corn Fritters stuffed with cheese.


  • Stuffed turnovers  your choice of chicken, beef or cheese pizza.

 Drinks from Puerto Rico

Natural Juices

  • Passion Fruit

  • Horchata de coco

Cocorico soda
Cola Champagne soda
Malta India